Leave No Trace

Pack It In, Pack It Out!

The Stoke the World Camp Out is a Leave No Trace (LNT) event. LNT means that everything you bring in you will bring back out again. Help us keep Live Oak clean! 

What does this mean for you and your camping preparations?

  • Bring trash bags with you, for both recycling and trash.
  • Repackage food so you bring less packaging along with you, for example, take your cereal bag out of the box.
  • It can be helpful to do the trimming and cutting of your food at home before heading out. Less work while camping and less wet, future stinky trash to bring home!
  • Bring a small shovel to scrape up any food that falls and hits the ground.
  • Skip paper plates and plastic utensils and bring re-usable camping dishes and cutlery.  A dishwashing area will be available in the communal kitchen to wash your dishes.
  • If your car leaks oil, bring some cardboard or another catchment device.
  • Don’t bring styrofoam coolers, as they tend to crumble and break easily, creating a huge mess.


“Don’t let it hit the ground” is a phrase to remember! 

And I’d like to think we, as enlightened people, will do our best to leave the beautiful Live Oak Campground better than we find it. See a little piece of trash on the ground? Pick it up, pocket it and throw it away at camp like a rockstar!