Food Vendors at Stoke!

Feed My Seoul

  • Korean dishes
  • Lunch and dinner Friday and lunch Saturday
  • All dishes served with steamed, fancy white rice, organic spinach, and Gluten Free vegan rice noodles


  • Authentic Cuban food
  • Dinner Saturday

Zen Dog

  • Gourmet hot dogs
  • Lunch and dinner Friday and lunch Saturday

The Prancing Chef

  • Glass noodles served with vegan broth.
  • Bahn Mi meets Korean toppings.
  • Pickled vegetables, fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, marinated cold chicken/beef/tofu.
  • Serving Saturday dinner

Kona Ice

  • Ice cream truck
  • Friday and Saturday after 4pm
  • Limited bags of ice for coolers available for purchase

Libertine Brewing Company

  • Sponsoring the green room for artists only

What does this mean for you and your camping preparations?

  • Lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday will be available for purchase
  • Limited food truck service – food will sell until sold out
  • For all other meals, bring food and snacks
    • i.e. breakfasts and anything else you will need to sustain yourself
  • Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free available
  • Coffee available every morning!
  • No food trucks on Sunday

“Don’t let it hit the ground” is a phrase to remember! 

And I’d like to think we, as enlightened people, will do our best to leave the beautiful Live Oak Campground better than we find it. See a little piece of trash on the ground? Pick it up, pocket it and throw it away at camp like a rockstar!